Seeking Property in New Jersey

We are currently seeking to purchase property that meets the following criteria:

- Hotels located anywhere in NJ or the border of NJ and PA.  Purchase price can be up to $6 million.  Prefer "branded names."
- Strip Centers and/or Liquor Stores in Central or Northern NJ (anywhere in or north of Middlesex County).

- Apartment complexes 20-50 units located in central or Northern NJ.  Preferred purchase price of $3 million and under but can go up to $6 million.
- Discounted Rehab properties in decent areas of Newark, Irvington and bordering cites.  Will buy with cash up to $250,000.
- 2-4 unit properties with strong rental income/potential (not rehabs) located in Hudson, Essex or Union county.  Purchase price up to $700,000.
- 4 bedroom home in Livingston NJ.  Purchase price up to $500,000 but prefer to remain closer to $400,000.
Brokers are welcome to call and discuss property that you are the LISTING BROKER for.  Please don't call to discuss properties which are listed by other brokers.
$2,000-$25,000 finders fees are available to non-broker property finders (listing brokers and/or listing agents will be paid a commission fee).

Please contact Jamal Trotter at +1 888-313-BLUE (2583) or at Blue Ivy Estates.

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