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This past year has been a year of education for us.  We've attended many programs, including the Institute for Private Investor's Private Wealth Management program held in conjunction with U. Penn.'s Wharton school, as well as various conferences organized by Campden Conferences, Pilot Summits, Baker & McKenzie and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, among many others.  We will continue to strive to fully educate ourselves and keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry as we work to establish the foundations of our investment office.

Wood Doctor (Far East) Pte Ltd

TCP Investments Pte Ltd is pleased to announce that we have acquired a minority equity stake in Wood Doctor (Far East) Pte Ltd, South East Asia's premier timber flooring company.  

Led by experienced industry insiders Mr Mohammad Zain Bin Abdul Hamid and Mr. Kevin Toh, Wood Doctor was set up in 2003 and since then has become a sought-after brand and received numerous acclamations for the quality of its work, reflected most recently by their winning the Singapore's Most Promising Brand Award.  

For more information on Wood Doctor, please visit their website at

Seeking Property in New Jersey

We are currently seeking to purchase property that meets the following criteria:

- Hotels located anywhere in NJ or the border of NJ and PA.  Purchase price can be up to $6 million.  Prefer "branded names."
- Strip Centers and/or Liquor Stores in Central or Northern NJ (anywhere in or north of Middlesex County).

- Apartment complexes 20-50 units located in central or Northern NJ.  Preferred purchase price of $3 million and under but can go up to $6 million.
- Discounted Rehab properties in decent areas of Newark, Irvington and bordering cites.  Will buy with cash up to $250,000.
- 2-4 unit properties with strong rental income/potential (not rehabs) located in Hudson, Essex or Union county.  Purchase price up to $700,000.
- 4 bedroom home in Livingston NJ.  Purchase price up to $500,000 but prefer to remain closer to $400,000.
Brokers are welcome to call and discuss property that you are the LISTING BROKER for.  Please don't call to discuss properties which are listed by other brokers.
$2,000-$25,000 finders fees are available to non-broker property finders (listing brokers and/or listing agents will be paid a commission fee).

Please contact Jamal Trotter at +1 888-313-BLUE (2583) or at Blue Ivy Estates.

WSJ Article

"One of the most-difficult tasks for today’s wealthy is managing their investments. The newly wealthy may have been great at launching dot-com firms, running a health-care company or owning real estate, but they’re discovering that managing investments requires vastly different skills. People who spent their lives running companies and selling them suddenly have to learn how to manage My Portfolio Inc.

“The nature of our wealth has changed,” says Sandra Fox, a student at a Wharton wealth-education course, whose husband operated a real-estate brokerage business. “Suddenly we had liquid assets. Although we knew how to manage a real-estate business, I did not have the background to know what to do with liquid assets.”

Gone are the days when managing the family fortune simply meant buying blue-chip stocks and some muni bonds. Today’s investment world has become vastly more complex, with hedge funds, private-equity, commodities and new debt markets. Add to that the myriad rules governing taxes, philanthropy, trust and estate law, and the job of managing private wealth requires its own education.

Another reason they’re headed back to school: Today’s wealthy don’t trust their private bankers or advisors. Bankers, they say, are often more interested in selling them the latest financial products rather than offering sound financial advice. And the wealthy are tired of being outsmarted by the people they pay to manage their money."

- Taken from the Wall Street Journal's Wealth Report.  Read more at the WSJ website.

Greycourt White Papers

We highly recommend reading the White Papers prepared by the respected advisory firm Greycourt at this link.  Of special note is the White Paper entitled, "A Modest Proposal:  Let's End Conflicts of Interest in the Wealth Advisory Business."

New Office

Ting Capital Partners has moved into our new offices at 30 Raffles Place, #23-00, Singapore 048622.

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